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Roadmapping Training

What do we mean by Road-mapping your Training? Its all about the planning and that makes it more cost effective for you and better manageable for us. Cost Effective for you as we can Bulk Discount your courses and of course staff have more time […]

Fire Extinguisher Training “Do you know how to use them Red Things?”

Fire Extinguishers !! Yes that’s those canisters on the wall you hope you don’t need !! What if you did ? would you know how to use them and more importantly their limitations? Do you know how long they would keep going for? , what […]

Fire Awareness Training “Would you know what to do ?”

Fire Awareness Training ? Is It Important to you ? I would most if not all say yes of course its important yet many companies still do not have adequate Fire Risk assessments and or relevant Training. We often ask why ? answers are usually […]

First Aid, Would YOU Know what to do ? Nows YOUR chance !!

Interestingly enough many of us don’t think about First aid until we are affected by it or someone close to us. Like many situations in life we are always busy until that one thing makes us slow down and think 🙂 So Would You know […]

Staff Having Holidays?, No Time for Training ? No Excuses with MTS

Yes we all know the weather is Beautiful, Yes We all know working in this weather can be unbearable, and yes Training can take a back foot in the summer. We at Madatory Training understand this fully 🙂 , However Please ensure you roadmap in […]